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comm to compare files with the same name in the same directory (another bash command-line interface [cli] trick)

Suppose you have two related projects with a similar file/folder structure. You want to compare the files by the same name in the two projects. You can use some magic of pipes to build a list of filenames that are the same (and in the same relative directories) in the two projects like this:

(find src -name '*.ts'| sort) | comm -12 - <(cd ../other_project && find src -name '*.ts' | sort)

It’s simple to then feed that into vimdiff or whatever is your favorite command-line diff tool using a for expression

for x in `(find src -name '*.ts'| sort) | comm -12 - <(cd ../other_project && find src -name '*.ts' | sort)`; do vim -d $x ../other_project/$x; done

Replace ../other_project with the path to the other directory to compare.