I *heart* Naomi Novik

I just finished reading a fun novel, “His Majesty’s Dragon”. Sort of like Napoleonic historical fiction, but with Dragons acting like the RAF.
Ok the real cool part for a geek like me is the fact that the author is a former Computer Scientist. Kind of like I’m a former Molecular Biologist.
And she worked on Neverwinter Nights : Shadows of Undrendtide. Ok, maybe I’ll finish playing that game now.
Scott, can you believe it? Someone who worked for BioWare! And she finished writing a cool book! Maybe you can stop being immersed in Dungeons and Dragons computer games and finish your dissertation! If she can do it, so can you! lol

One thought on “I *heart* Naomi Novik

  1. Shadows of Undrentide is actually the weakest of the NWN modules, but it’s still worth playing.
    …just not when the weather’s nice!
    I guess last weekend would have been a good time.

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