For some reason I thought that an Apple ][ Emulator written in java would be useful. It turns out, it isn’t really quite so useful. Maybe an Apple ][e emulator would be, but plain old Apple ][ is kind of useless, actually.
But, not wanting my efforts to be for naught though, here is how far I got on this silly quest:

Try this: First hit the reset button. For some reason it doesn’t boot on the first try. It ought to say “Apple ][” and give you a “]” prompt.
Click somewhere inside the black part of the applet. This makes sure your keypresses will be received by the applet.
Then type 10 PRINT "HI" and press enter.
Then type RUN . It should say “HI”. W00T.
This applet was not originally written by me. Applelet comes from here. I just patched it up. It was missing the ROM, the charrom.bin and a boot disk. I dug through other emulators until I found the missing pieces. AppleWin uses a slightly different format for the charrom, so I modified Applelet to use that file (sort of). You can do a diff of the source from my applet (found inside the JAR file) with Hugh’s if you’re curious.
Also, note that we are using Apple’s actual ROM from an Apple 2 computer. This may be a copyright violation, and if Apple takes offense at that I am sincerely sorry. I just thought it was cool.

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  1. Why do I have to type my comments twice? I can’t remember what I wrote the first time! Your applet is cute, but now I know why i really enjoy modern computers!

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