Lonely Thursdays

Why is it when I sit in my office alone at work I don’t feel alone? People stop by once in a while, but not that often…. Now that Becka is working at the Textile Center, I am alone in the house when I work at home. I work at home on Thursdays so I can make it to the health sciences orchestra rehearsal at 5:00. Home is a lot closer to the U of M than work. The upside is that I can blast Niel Young at full volume and Becka doesn’t scream bloody murder… Oh well, I’ve got a mocha and a Lucy to keep me company…

5 thoughts on “Lonely Thursdays

  1. It is odd isn’t it? Sometimes I have to turn MPR on to hear voices (other than the ones already in my head that is). 😉
    Rock and Roll will Never Die!!!!

  2. It’s the pets. I’m not lonely at home with pets in the house. But before we had pets, it was very lonely without John around.

  3. I can be lonely sometimes even with the pets. They’re usually sleeping and our conversations tend to be on the limited side…

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