Science is everywhere, and yet no one seems to understand it, or even care.

Science and technology are responsible for the most dramatic shifts in world culture that our species has ever seen. Thanks to our understanding and application of scientific topics, the human species is able to communicate, travel and work like no other time in history. The last century is rife with monumental consequences of scientific discovery ranging from the atom bomb, to the green revolution to the human genome project. Science impacts every aspect of our lives.
And yet there is very little clear understanding of how science really works. Popular media glosses over scientific details. Statistical analyses are carried to absurd conclusions. Movies will just make things up. The result is a world in which people see science as an impenetrably opaque shrine of doctrine instead of the open realm of debate and knowledge.
I usually rant and rave (my friends are often quoting my remark of, “That’s not science!”) but little else. As of today, I’m starting this blog as an outlet for my frustration. I intend to answer questions about science and to correct the blatant inaccuracies seen in the news or from the entertainment industry. Send me your questions! Let’s dig into the Science Fare!

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Indeed technology has changed the way most of us work, but I recently saw a study that concluded we aren’t really any more productive as a whole than we were before everyone had computers (of course I don’t know where the study came from…ain’t that just what Sir Andy was railing against?! 😉 )

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