Of wool and flute

This morning I have the pleasure of supporting the Textile Center at Shepard’s Harvest. Thousands of fiber enthusiasts flock to the Washigton County Fairgrounds to buy yarn, roving, art… Take classes, see exhibitions and animals… It’s a fun time all around.

Later… This afternoon I had the joy of hearing Adam Kuenzel perform a recital in Lakeville. Jaw dropping. And many of my friends were also there: always more fun to share!

And to top it off: an evening with friends from a few blocks over popped in to play Runebound.

Brooklyn craft workshop

My cousin passed this interesting tidbit along: a place for learning and exploring a variety of crafts:

Brooklyn Craft Workshop will be a dazzlingly welcoming place where people come to learn, work, and make anything from a pincushion to a wood block print. With a focus on all things handmade, we will learn artisan skills while following our own interests and inspirations.

This summer we will be offering our Summer Crafts program, where children explore a variety of crafts such as sewing, book making, paper arts, print-making and beadwork.